Lydia Design Studio: View Our Work

Catch a glimpse of Atlanta's premier place for quality apparel manufacturing. Lydia Design Studio is equipped with it's own cutting and sewing facilities, allowing you the luxury of having your clothing line entirely produced under one roof.

Fancy Dress
Floral Spring Dress
Baby Clothing Batch
Fancy Winter Coats
Delicia Cordon Collection
Baby Dresses
Silk Wear
Delicia Cordon Collection
Bomber Jackets
Megan Huntz Clothing Brand
Sparkly Jacket
Megan Huntz Brand
AKA Sorority Formal Dress
Cavaliers Cheerleader Uniform
Cavaliers Cheerleader Uniform
Custom Made Kimono
Clothing Production Batch
Baby Clothing Line
Baby Clothing Batch
Prom Dress
Custom Prom Dress
Made in Atlanta Clothing
Trench Coat
Trench Coats with Belt
Trench Coat Close Up Shot
AKA Uniform
Baby Leggings
Baby Clothing
Dress Manufacturing
Turtle Neck